Fran Goodman on Giving and Receiving

November 21, 2019

One of Fran Goodman’s favorite things about Revel is that it gives her an opportunity to share her life experiences with other women. It’s something she has found that she needs to feel in balance. For years, Fran was a registered nurse and only retired from working full time in 2014. 

Photo courtesy of Fran Goodman

“In the later years of my career in community health,” Fran says, “I was mentoring younger women, encouraging them to get their nursing degrees or medical degrees. I need to be able to feel that I am having an impact. To share the experiences that have helped me or hindered me.” 

Revel, says Fran, provides another outlet for women to help other women at different stages of their lives. “With Revel, women are willing to be gracious, and generous with helping other women,” she says. “They are learning about each other.” 

Fran likes to attend events that are close to where she lives in the South Bay. So far, she’s attended a tour of Filoli Historic House and Garden in Woodside, and a First Sundays event at a local coffee shop with a group of six members, who Fran said made for “a perfect salad.” First Sundays occur the first Sunday of every month at locations in the East Bay, San Francisco, and the Peninsula, and are designed to foster intimate conversation. She’s looking forward to attending a Dress for Success event in San Jose on Dec. 13. 

Fran says that at the First Sundays event she attended, “We were all at various stages, with different life experiences, kids, and ages. When you talk to other members, you may not have the exact same experiences, but you’re learning from one another how to be more resilient.” 

 At 74, Fran says she is very interested in remaining active, and says she only took up running at age 38, and now regularly hikes and does yoga. She has one son who is 50 and lives in Australia, and no grandchildren. She is divorced, and belongs to a number of women’s groups and meetups. Her favorite social events, she says, allow lots of opportunity for talking while doing a low-key activity – whether hiking, playing bocce, or drinking coffee. It’s one of the reasons the First Sundays get-togethers appeal to her. “They allow you to delve deeper,” she says. 

And Fran likes that with Revel, she can play an active part in helping the group to evolve. “I like that it is changing, and we are all part of the process of making it,” she says. “It’s a living organism.”

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