Author Bonnie Marcus on the Many Benefits of Hanging With Your Girlfriends

Revel HQ
February 3, 2021

Here at Revel, we all agree: friendship is powerful. We believe that being with friends gives us an immediate boost, and helps us feel happier over time. We observe this in our own lives and hear if from Revel members every week. Author Bonnie Marcus explores this in detail (and, importantly, with research-backed findings) in her article “Hanging with Your Girlfriends Helps You Live Longer and Happier”.

Marcus shares that “we hear a lot more about the importance of exercise and nutrition than hanging out with girlfriends.” but that socializing can have a powerful and positive impact on happiness. She touts Revel as an avenue to build these important social connections: “In need of finding some like-minded women? Revel is great option for women over 50. Started by two young female entrepreneurs, the organization has the mission of facilitating connections through common interests as well as through their events.” 

We’re thrilled to have Bonnie Marcus stopping by Revel to share her story and her writing on women’s power in the workplace this evening, Wednesday February 3rd at 7pm PST. You can learn more and RSVP to attend the event here.

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