Meet Jill Dailey, Revel Member and creator of The Dailey Method

August 28, 2020
Yes, you read that right. Jill Dailey, entrepreneur and fitness innovator, is herself a Revel member.

Yes, you read that right. Jill Dailey, entrepreneur and fitness innovator, is herself a Revel member. Jill founded The Dailey Method, bringing the barre fitness revolution to the west coast in 2000. Opening the first The Dailey Method studio in SF, she found that her true passion was helping people transform their lives through fitness. Focusing on micro-movements and stretches to strengthen and condition, Jill’s classes soon built a buzz in SF. Fast forward to 2020 and The Dailey Method has grown to over 35 locations in the US, Canada and Mexico. 

Jill joined Revel because her personal mantras reflect values important to many Revelers: 

  1. #AlwaysBeAStudent – Jill feels we can always continue to learn more and see things in a different way by taking classes and exposing ourselves to different ideologies. 
  2. #LivingADaileyLife – Living a Dailey Life is living a balanced life--enjoying time with family and friends, staying healthy and active, finding purpose and meaning through work and, most relevant to Revel, feeling a strong sense of community. 

Jill’s work to improve the lives of those she teaches has taken on a new dimension during the covid-19 pandemic. We all need mind and body alignment now more than ever, and she is devoted to offering as much connection as possible to her teachers and students virtually and socially distantly.

With her unique background as a fitness leader and entrepreneur, we’re curious about how Jill has managed midlife transitions. Jill shares: 

"Honestly the thing that has helped me the most through transitions as I've gotten older is a meditation practice. And I really wish I'd figured that out earlier!!  I'm not the best at it. But I notice the days I make the time I can cope better. My personal practice is 12 minutes first thing in AM. Before I get out of bed but sitting up. I listen to a waterfall loop on insight timer. Sometimes I can completely drop in and sometimes my mind wanders like crazy. But with each scenario I'm given the time to notice where I am mentally and to set an intention for my day. A primary one for me is "presence". It's so hard with the chaos and uncertainty in life, especially during the pandemic, to really stay present with what's right in front of us- which really is the only and most important thing. So that's what I try to keep coming back to." 

You can learn more about Jill, how she has navigated covid-19 and more about her approach to the transitions of midlife as our guest in the How She Revels series on Wed, Sept. 2nd at 1pm PDT. Learn more and RSVP here.

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