Renata Jabuka: Exploring New Interests, Embracing Style

January 2, 2020

Renata Jabuka had retired from a long career in healthcare and entrepreneurship and was looking for a new focus. She never imagined it might be modeling. But she saw an article about Stephanie O’Dell’s organization, Celebrate the Gray, and gave her a call. Celebrate the Gray is presenting a new vision of vibrant, beautiful women over 50, offering everything from personal style consultation and “closet audits,” to models-for-hire for companies to authentically represent women 50 and over. 

“I was just thinking about improving my style and organizing” when she reached out, said Renata, laughing, “but she took my photos and put them on the site.” She hasn’t yet been called for a modeling job, but she’s open to it. 

Soon after, Stephanie also introduced Renata to Revel, and she was immediately drawn to the concept of women over 50 connecting across various interests and backgrounds. “I like that Revel is not directed at one particular thing – it opens up the opportunity to meet women and do different things, from professional networking to wine tastings,” says Renata. “And I love that it’s building on vibrancy after 50.”

Renata and Stephanie are now co-chairs of Revel’s Marin County chapter and hosted a Holiday Style event at Renata’s home on Dec. 18. The event brought 18 members together to talk, eat, and get to know one another. “A lot of events are bigger – going to museums, or on longer hikes,” Renata says. “But if you don’t know one another, it can be intimidating.” The night included a sign-up sheet for women to recommend future Revel events. 

For many years, Renata worked in the dental industry in executive roles in sales management and sales training. Five years ago, she left (and “got rid of the ugly fashion,” she says) to cofound a startup focused on cybersecurity and data. That startup was then purchased by a larger healthcare company, prompting Renata to ask herself: “What will I do now, besides Pilates?” 

Revel has proven a perfect outlet. Renata says she’s excited about this stage of her life, and excited to meet other women who share her enthusiasm. “I love this new chapter of my life,” she says. “A lot of women are at the end of their careers, or post-divorce, they find themselves in a whole new place, whether reinventing themselves, or just plateauing. I want to be part of a movement that puts women out there in a really positive way. That lets women discover their interests and use their skills in new and different ways.”

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