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February 9, 2021

Sexpert Q&A: Cindy Gallop

Founder & CEO, MakeLoveNotPorn

My favorite thing about sex after 40 is that the older I get, the hornier I get - and there's no shortage of lovely young men happy to assist! There is no least favorite thing.

What’s your official job title?

Founder & CEO, MakeLoveNotPorn

Can you tell us about the path that led you there?

I date younger men, and thirteen years ago realized through direct personal experience, that when we don't talk openly and honestly about sex in the real world, porn becomes sex education by default, in not a good way. I launched MakeLoveNotPorn as a public service announcement site at TED 2009. The extraordinary response showed I'd uncovered a huge global social issue, and I turned https://makelovenotporn.tv/ into the world's first user-generated, human-curated social sex video-sharing platform. We're socializing sex, making it easier for everyone to talk about openly and honestly, in order to promote consent, communication, good sexual values, and good sexual behavior. MLNP is spearheading the Social Sex Revolution: the revolutionary part isn't the sex, but the social.

What’s a typical workday like for you?

My MakeLoveNotPorn team and I work remotely, and as someone who's 61 and being super-cautious about COVID, I've been in lockdown in my apartment in New York for the past year. So a typical workday for me is sitting at my laptop in my apartment for most of the day - but doing a whole range of things: meetings with my team, podcast/media interviews, giving talks, giving personal coaching sessions (I support myself alongside MLNP through speaking, consultancy and coaching). But overall, my day is always focused on scaling and growing MakeLoveNotPorn. Our mission is to end rape culture and the world could not be more in need of that right now.

What’s your favorite toy and why?

The LELO Gigi 2  I use it clitorally, not internally (I know it's actually meant to be a G-spot vibrator) and it just does it for me every time.

When you’re enjoying private time with yourself, where do you look for inspiration?

Obviously, my own startup! MakeLoveNotPorn is 'Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.' If porn is the Hollywood blockbuster movie, MakeLoveNotPorn is the real-world documentary. The funny messy wonderful clumsy awkward beautiful comical sex we all have in the real world, is far more innovative, surprising, moving, hot and arousing than porn will ever be!  

If you could give your younger self a piece of sexual advice what would it be?

You and your body are beautiful just as you are, and one day far in the future when you are much older, a LOT of men the same age you are now will be telling you that and going absolutely gaga for you.  

If you had one wish for the future of the sex-industry what would it be?

Lots and lots of investors, and lots and lots of funding. That's all we need for MakeLoveNotPorn to be as big as Facebook, as the Facebook of social sex - and for every other female-founded sex tech venture to change the world through sex.

What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about sex after 40?

My favorite thing about sex after 40 is that the older I get, the hornier I get - and there's no shortage of lovely young men happy to assist! There is no least favorite thing.

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