a woman with an exercise ball in her living room
Nina Collins
October 26, 2021

The Ola Ka Ola Strength Challenge — Join Us!

By this time in our lives, we are starting to realize we are much stronger than we think.

Now that we also have to be aware of our muscles drifting away and osteoporosis creeping in, it’s time to step up and PUSH BACK!

How important is muscle strength in menopause?

Weight training staves off obesity, reduces our chances of dying from cancer, keeps our bones strong and healthy (combating the adverse impact on overall musculoskeletal health caused by menopause), boosts our metabolism, regulates insulin and lowers inflammation, and improves posture, sleep, mood, balance, and energy levels. In short, we should all be lifting weights at least twice a week.

I’m always looking for a new exercise routine that will make me happy and feel good. During COVID, it's been Peleton, and while I’m still riding my bike and loving it, and love taking exercise classes from the safety of my own home, I have to confess that when I do a recorded class, I’m just not as disciplined as I should be.

I was therefore thrilled to recently discover The Exercise Box by Ola Ka Ola (Hawaiian for longevity), a new fitness company founded by Reveler Michal Lissauer. Her concept is simple: it’s basically a club for women, and the premise is live exercise classes offered all day long on Zoom, most only 30 minutes long. You take as many classes as you want, and the site also offers lectures, tips, an in-box, and a bi-monthly delivery of an exercise box full of goodies to use during your work-out.

I’ve only tried a few classes but so far feel hooked. It’s a bit like having a trainer for much less money, and I love the idea of only 30 minutes per day. That’s the part that really sold me, honestly. Michal has agreed to offer us 3 months of FREE classes, twice a week on Mondays and Saturdays, and I am here pledging to take full advantage of them!

Also, if you rise to the challenge, please join our Revelers Worldwide Group on the platform, where I’ll host a running thread on my (and your!) progress. My goal? To be able to do 50 push-ups (not the bended knee ones!) in one fell swoop! What’s yours??

From the Exercise Box Team:

We have all heard the saying “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

By this time in our lives, hopefully we are starting to realize we are much stronger than we think. 

Now that we also have to be aware of our muscles drifting away and osteoporosis creeping in, it’s time to step up and PUSH BACK!

We are going to take you through a 3 month challenge, and we will PUSH BACK and come out of this with a strength you might not even know you have! Here is how it works:

The classes will be LIVE, twice a week on the Revel platform. These training sessions are delivered by a LIVE trainer in real time so you can get guidance on form as well as encouragement and interaction during the LIVE training. 

Each class will be a FULL BODY routine, just 30 minutes! Of course, since this is a push-up challenge you will be taken through so many push-ups during each session.  How many, you might be asking. You’ll find out along the way :) 

What a perfect time of year to take on this challenge! As the holidays approach and the gloomy months after that, this will keep us moving & feeling our best! As we progress through this challenge you will gain mental strength and physical strength. Since we are resistance training using our body as our equipment, you will also be fighting against osteoporosis. So much to gain in our 3 month journey together. We look forward to PUSHING through with you!

Register Classes:

Mondays @ 6:15am PST / 9:15am EST -

Saturdays @ 7:30am PST / 10:30 EST -

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